Owning a property on Symi is unlike owning one on most other Greek islands.

On Symi swimming pool maintenance and lawn mowing are not issues. Property owners on Symi have different concerns, unfamiliar to most northern Europeans. Rainwater catchment systems, freshwater cisterns underneath or behind the house, water pumps, soak pits (vothras), idiosyncratic wiring, hundreds of steps, elaborately carved wooden doors that seem to need repainting every year … these are just some of the things that a property owner on Symi has to contend with.  On Symi beauty really does have its price. 

Why is property ownership on Symi different?

First there is the island’s geography.  Symi is a small mountainous island on the very edge of Europe.  It is quite literally a mountain peak sticking out of the sea so most of the shoreline is sheer cliffs, the beaches are tiny coves surrounded by cliffs and usually accessible only by boat and the main area of habitation clings to cliffs and mountain slopes.

Symi is a long way from the Greek mainland, surrounded by Turkey on three sides.  The nearest major centre is Rhodes, about 25 nautical miles away.  Everything you need for your home comes from somewhere else and either has to be ordered in or entails a trip to Rhodes.  At first this can seem daunting but once you know the way things work, you will be amazed at what can be achieved.  We can help you with this.

Part of the Dodecanese group of Greek islands, Symi is famous for its beautiful neo-classical architecture and amphitheatre harbour. Symi has more steps than roads, no natural water supply and a strictly controlled architectural code, closely monitored by a body known as the archaeologia.  This is part of the Ministry of Culture, the same people who look after the Parthenon and Greece’s other famous archaeological sites.  New buildings and restorations have to comply with their rules, right down to the colours of paint chosen.  We can help you with this too.

How can we help you?

In a nutshell, if you are fortunate enough to own a house on Symi you own a little piece of Greek history and all the responsibilities that that entails.

We have lived on Symi since 1993 and have a full understanding of all the quirks and complexities of owning property on Symi. Whether you are wanting to keep your property purely for personal use or intend to let it out to holiday makers at certain times of the year, we can help you enjoy your Symi property.